Prints for you and me is a fundraiser created by Emma and Charlotte Kohlmann. These posters are meant to lighten and uplift, inspired by and dedicated to all those who are helping others throughout the pandemic and global uprisings. This project is in collaboration with Risolve studios in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Layout design and prose by Charlotte Kohlmann. Illustrations by Emma Kohlmann. 

100% of the proceeds raised will be equally divided into five portions and donated to five grassroots organizations local to the western Massachusetts area and nationally. 

We have chosen these organizations based on the powerful work that they do and how they effectively allocate their funds to impact the lives of marginalized community members. We need to support our friends in need through mutual aid, when our institutions fail us, we must come together within our own communities.  

Donating is not an absolute remedy but it is a seed starter. Please consider donating to small independent organizations, as frequently as you possibly can afford. Mutual aid is not a one time occurrence, until we can eradicate the inequity in our world, giving is not conditional, it is infinite.